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Onecoin / OneLife journey just set up the milestone of 5- year, and put ourselves into the elite groups of top 7% of the worldwide start-up companies

This is Simon Lee’s message.

Dear all leaders / members / merchants and attendees,

We just spent wonderful 4 -day event of this weekend in HCMC and Dalat city, Vietnam for the series training sections, mastermind, dealshaker expo; charity, welcome and networking nights, city tours ….

again, the ONE / OneLife journey just set up the milestone of 5- year, and put ourselves into the elite groups of top 7% of the worldwide start-up companies who are so proud to mark their 5- year established celebrations and continue to play big in the future.

it is not easy period but we all have been achieving this unforgettable date / year and we are more strongly to accept challenges ahead of us to build our already empire (3.5 mil members in over 194 countries) to the next level.

take a look back on this 5-year journey, all of us have risen from unknown or less knowledgeable about 4.0 / Blockchain / Cryptocurrency to be more understanding of this financial revolution by accumulating our OneAcademy educational packages, and many other skills for entrepreneurship; to build our organization; our interpersonal communication and relationships; from a few persons we have known to many OneLife family members who we can trust and count as the brothers / sisters, family members and business partners ….
Even we may have different backgrounds in languages, cultures, music, education, working and living experience; even many times we have been in misunderstood; chaos, sad; happy situations, but because of our big vision and mission (of course, thank to our great Visionary and Founder Dr.ruja Ignatova), we always have found ways for better solutions; forgive and / or forget unhappy things, and move forward! That is a must of our OneLife IMA

also, whoever had been with us, in some extent to contribute into this journey, we has appreciated for their “used to be” energy, effort, time, money, leadership, fellowship as long as they followed IMA and not against the rest of current OLN members.
thank for being with us in some parts of the journey.and, more important appreciation is for the current and active leaders who have never stopped to fight for this company, for the belief and trust in this ONE ecosystem; who are keep moving their parts of the huge ONE ship forward with the courage and determination …..

in every business and throughout civilization, people are ultimate power to make things happened, keep its operations alive and grow …

And in OLN; we have YOU- people and that very type of people / leaders.
these people / leaders are the driving force for the next strategic moves and actions for our company.
We are ready for next 5 years and be a part this financial revolution.
ONE exchange is around the corner and the company has keep working for this goal. not easy process but we are going to get there!

Every of us, every corners of the countries, need to keep building around ONE ecosystem, and DealShaker is a game changer- Usability is the key!

thank you, one more time, for 1750 + attendees, including 357 international members from 36 countries, more than 25 DS franchise holders; 83 Vietnamese and 7 international merchants, speakers, VIP guests, staffs, BS event organizer … and God ’s help (because no rains during 3 key days; nice weather) coming and participating the remarkable event of 5-year ONE Anniversary.All the best for all of OLN / DealShaker members and love to see you more and more on the next journey of 5 more years

Happiness is a journey, not a destination!
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From Simon / Tiffany and Team of Vietnam
on behalf of the Italian 🇮🇹team we would like to express our gratitude and friendship to you, Tiffany and all your team for the wonderful hospitality you reserved us and to congratulate all of you for the amazing Event that you created and the perfect organization you showed to the world, to the36 countries ’leaders / members that were here!Everyone of us learned a lot in these days from you guys about how an Event should be organized and about the feelings of humility, friendship and unity that you all spreaded around to the whole OL Community that we will all take back to our families & members .

THANK YOU, THANK YOU                                                                                                                                                     Simon, see you soon at the next event coming!

TOGETHER FOR MORE    Marco Vassanelli from Italy

dear Simon & Tiffany and team organizer, regardless of how big the world is, what you created in this activity Make the world narrow with the love and sincerity you give to me and those who have seen the Dalat Dealshaker Expo. And absolutely confident that Great success awaits us in the future. thank you to all our lovely Vietnamese Organizers friends; Thailand.

Boonchai Chaiof ThaiLand

I also join in the above words of thanks to Natalia Kantsendorn
Thank you so much Mr. Simon for the holiday! everything went to the highest level, you were always an example of sensitivity