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Amazing Deal !! A gold Bar Sold On-Site At The Dealshaker Expo In Taiwan. OneCoin Payment. (1742.04 ONE)

A gold bar sold on-site at the Dealshaker Expo in Taiwan. OneCoin payment. (1742.04 ONE)

Taiwan Trade Fair Gold Case (Taiwan Pickup) Registered business /Self organizing shipping

Price: 1 742.04 ONE (1 ONE = 29.85 EUR)

ONE is exclusively a flat rate for DealShaker. The value is based on the current exchange rate and changes as the mining difficulty changes. DealShaker does not guarantee the sale price of ONE

Coupons Available: 0

Promotion ends: 2019/12/20 = Coupons Sold: 1200

Coupon Expiration Date: 2019/06 / 02-2019 / 12/23


Each bullion weight 1kg (precision: 9999) voucher is 1kg. Each bullion is sealed with a “Formosa Summit 2019” slogan and a series number. Gold of the product will also be certified.

Specific terms and conditions of the trader:

1.Product Description: Each bullion weighs 1kg (degree: 9999) and the voucher is 1kg. Each bullion is sealed with a “Formosa Summit 2019” slogan and a series number. Gold of the product will be certified.
2. Payment method: 100% ONE, but each voucher is 1kg.
3Coupon price and quantity: Each voucher is 1 kg and 52,000 euros (depending on the gold price in London gold market). Prices include materials, processing expenses, approval fees, taxes, shipping, etc. The volume of this transaction is 1200.
4. Sale Period: From 20th December 2019 to now, buyers must complete the transaction before 30th June 2019.
5. Quantity and Purchasing Restrictions: All VIP or VVIP tickets with a certain number can purchase up to 2 kg of gold. Each ticket for a seller to participate in Taiwan EXPO is only 1kg of gold. All buyers must provide the ticket number to the seller to verify their eligibility. If the buyer does not provide the ticket number to the seller, the exchange is canceled and the buyer is responsible.
6.Delivery Time: After OneCoin Exchange. However, the shipping order depends on the buyer’s ticket payment time.
7.Place and Shipping Method: This project is for Taiwan only, buyer can discuss shipping method with seller after the transaction is completed.
8.Flexibility: i) ..If a buyer ships out of Taiwan and wants to change a 1kg bullion into 10 100g bullions, 388 euros will be added to the cost of each 1kg bullion. ii) Terms to be paid by Buyer: a). The price of OneCoin is lower than the price when using purchased vouchers. b). The price of gold is higher than when using a purchased voucher. c). The approval fee will rise, iii). Terms of refund for difference by merchant: a).

The price of OneCoin is higher than the price when using a purchased voucher. b). The price of gold is lower than the price when using the purchased voucher, c). Authorization fee is reduced (iv). The two conditions of ii) and iii) above can be discussed in detail after the exchange of OneCoin. Depending on the price of this transaction, various costs are adjusted (1 kg of gold is 52000 euros), v). If an accident occurs and the deal is closed, the buyer and seller will have to negotiate further.
9. Liquidation damages due to cancellation of the transaction: After the transaction is completed, the buyer cannot cancel without proper reason between the seller and the buyer. If the buyer cancels the transaction, 40% of each coupon price purchased will be charged.
10.Buyer must provide Seller ID as Coupon ID in order to authenticate purchase of gold with their number, Seller will not use the coupon before exchanging OneCoin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    11.This deal is only for Taiwan EXPO VIP / VVIP ticket buyers and Taiwan EXPO sellers, so it is for special buyers with specific ticket numbers. The seller verifies the buyer’s eligibility by ticket number, name, passport number, and OneLife username. Ineligible persons will not be able to buy vouchers and will be held liable if they ignore the advice and make a purchase.
12.The seller owns the trading interpretation of this transaction.*zJMoy-zemSUT7nQXwx2at1hduR9iACONaF-8dbKgo~?utm_source=zalo&utm_medium=zalo&utm_campaign=zalo&zarsrc=31&fbclid=IwAR08hxhyWBZyQEv7SVhFpBzpUOhc9Czk6IaUVx0z6GKi012hsm0EH3ICOcc