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The company has said very clearly: After The Meeting Day 20/08/2019 Onecoin Will Offerly Operate The Transaction Floor

FLOOR UPDATE ONE WEEK 13 & 14 –  The company offers ONE floor updates as follows:

Previously, countries will also find ways to control the cash flow of most cryptocurrency, whether centralized or decentralized, to be strictly controlled by the Government! ONE always cooperates, is required to cooperate and strictly follow the rules, ONE wants to survive and continue to develop, most recently ONE has announced to comply with GoAML – a collection application Cash flow data to provide financial intelligence units! ONE is doing very well! The bank account has been opened, shareholder capital has been contributed! (This place I need to refer to the next newsletter, because I don’t know what the bank account the company is talking about)

The company is still actively working with States on licensing for trading floors, its job is to continually wish to obtain a license, may be they have not processed it yet but at least they know: is this ONE company asking for permission? ” Here the company is implementing the strategy “Know People – Understand Me”  The company has said very clearly:  AFTER THE MEETING DAY 8/20/2019 ONE WILL OFFERLY OPERATE THE TRANSACTION FLOOR.

In the past, when referring to the trading floor, the company only gave information in the form of Coming soon (coming soon). This time they kept “opening up” after August 20, according to her half-season experience, if the next time in the company newsletter kept reminding the members to focus on studying (learning how to exchange) and Ms. I notice on the Face or groups somewhere that the company constantly organizes training for the Capitals, then the Mothers, please predict that this Tet festival, the ONE community will be very warm! I can serve KYC bug fixes, honey and ONE soft-price accounts.