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 The sponsor of a new merchant approval on DealShaker will be granted 500 tokens instead of a 100 as it has been until now.

In response to the good feedback we have been having from users and merchants on the DealShaker platform, we would like to start a new initiative – “New merchant Shout out”.
The practice has shown – Results are driven by motivation!
How can we motivate people to achieve more? 
As you know DealShaker is the project everybody is currently interested in. As an alternative for increasing the value of ONE, exercising its usability and encouraging others to join, the platform is a great commercial hub for merchants, users and crypto enthusiasts. Here comes our latest mission – to encourage the newest merchants that are highly motivated and eager to make an amazing performance and achieve more and also to help them become popular on the DealShaker platform.
How can you contribute to the New merchant Shout out?
We are going to expect suggestions for new merchants to be popularized or to be given a shout out in the upcoming newsletters or our Facebook page. The merchant can be associated with tourism, hospitality, food and drink, beauty, health or any area you think significant. The merchants have to be in a populous area or tourist destination all over the world.
If you have visited or are familiar with any interesting deals and merchants on the DealShaker platform, we will be expecting your suggestions! 

As part of our China adventure Part 2 we will visit the Zhejiang and Hunan Provinces. It does not come as a surprise that DealShaker is not only a digital marketplace for goods and services but also for culture and entertainment, too. One of our travel destinations is Xiangshan country which contains multiple theme parks, popular all over China.

On DealShaker you are able to find 100% ONE tickets (username: CWHQY8808H) for the famous Glass Path. The path is one of the four theme parks of “Mountain, Field, Sea and Water” created by Maoyang Township in Xiangshan County. It is built on the Baiyan Mountain Xianyan Scenic Area.

Standing on the glass path of the seascape, you can see the sunrise on the sea in Daegu Bay, and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset of the crab claw port. The glass plank is 160 meters long and 105 meters wide. It is made of three layers of tempered glass and has a load capacity of 800 kilograms per square meter. Simply amazing! If you are more of a culture geek, see our next suggestion in Hunan Province. The merchant with username YLJ0026 offers tickets (50% ONE/50% Euro) for the ancient times of the Charcoal River, the Carbon River Ice Kingdom, the Charcoal Bronze Museum Day Tour.
From August 1st the merchant offers 25 Saturday tickets for everybody interested in the experience. The tickets are limited, so don’t hesitate for too long!

A quick reminder to all the new merchants and their sponsors!
As a token of gratitude for the hard work and amazing effort, OneLife and DealShaker have some special surprises for all the new merchants, first deals and their sponsors:
*a new merchant will be granted 100 tokens for merchant profile approval                                                                         *first deal approval will be granted 100 tokens to the merchant

The sponsor of a new merchant approval on DealShaker will be granted 500 tokens instead of a 100 as it has been until now.
We are expecting the new season to bring the most exciting new deals in the most adventurous places!