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5 Room Apartment In Real Estate Property With Onecoin

5 Room Apartment In Real Estate Property With Onecoin 7236.18

Apartment for sale! In Baku city, close to Ahmadly subway, there are a lot of shops, school, pharmacy close to building, 5 rooms (4 bedrooms) apartment in new contructional building, 7 storied building, total area is 216 sq.m., without renovation, with nice view to the city, gas, all purchase documents. Price is 1000 Euro for per sq.m * The deal is exposed for the EXPO in Makhachkala from June 12-14.
* When redeeming the coupon coins will not be returned.
* Merchant will be contacted before the coupon is received.
* Coupons received without contacting the merchant will be considered invalid.
* The documentation process will be after opening exchange for Onecoin.
* The extra payment is for juridical and documentation service fee – 1% from cost of property

Apartment in the ratio of 50 \ 50. In such a case, the documents are issued on the hand with the right of residence in the apartment.
All questions are negotiated before the coupon redemption.                                                                                               Super Layf offers its client travel services in the worlwide. Also we have discount Vouchers for 1700 Hotels in 40 countries through company trendy travel.*2om5rhvux6duBTlB3zqzdS8GTOo~