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Ladies Dresses Upcoming Dealshaker Expo In Tyumen 18 August 2019

Gorgeous summer dresses in the ethno-boho style of high quality natural fabrics (staple: – 20% cotton and 90% viscose)
Light, breathable, bright !! Suitable for any age and shape, smart and casual. Having put on such a dress at least once, you will never be able to refuse it never!
The total cost of the dress is 135 Euros (coupon = 4.02 One and a surcharge of 1000 rubles when buying)

I, Tatiana Blinnikova, on the DealShaker marketplace will promote my products and services in exchange for the company’s ONE coin. I offer clothes for women – these are dresses from natural fabrics in the style of Ethno-Boho, textiles, handmade items / souvenirs for the home. As well as realtor services (sale, selection and support of transactions for the sale / exchange of real estate).

Only for the EXPO in Tyumen on August 18, 2019.
Before buying, be sure to contact the seller by phone: +79044947500, WhatsApp: +79044947500
and you can also write to e-mail:*qMITnAkV2Ng1DCXQvbiDaArWY~