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Why Is Onecoin special Than Other Cryptocurrencies

Explanation of Cryptocurrency ONECOIN for easy understanding

Cryptocurrency ONE is in the category of digital assets, its creation (extraction) is done through a technological process called digital mining (computing power + cryptography or encryption of information / encrypted code + resolution of complex mathematical models (algorithms), this is called the DIGITAL CODE.

Technology that supports it 

Blockchain as the second generation of internet development, this technology platform allows you to send values ​​directly through the P2P system to people or other equivalents.                                                                                              Its use benefits the user in saving time, costs, and without the intervention of third parties (Bank, Cooperative, Union Webster, PayPal, Money Gram).

Market value                                                                                                                                                                          Being a decentralized private financial asset, the price is determined by supply and demand plus other variables:

Cryptocurrency value ONE:                                                                                                                                                  Offer + Request (digital mining + Transactions carried out)

In other words, the greater the community (user / client), the greater the demand for mining, the greater the brand value (branding).The greater the supply of products and services by stores that accept Cryptocurrency ONE, in the sense that an increase in transactions automatically affects the increase in value / price of ONE.

The greater the financial transaction by using ONE as a means of payment for buying goods and services and for sending money, the stability of the ONE value is maintained, the speculations become less, * greater real economic value, greater trust. * (Trust and Stable)

All things include: 
Remittances from one country to another, across continents, without borders, (Remittances)
Financial transactions are processed in real time.
Providing cyber security.                                                                                                                                                                      You cannot falsify Cryptocurrency and information.
By only having electronic and internet devices, transactions can be made in any country in the world where onelife has an official presence (194 countries).
This is a database, distributed accounting books.

 Things that support:

✔️Community more than 3,550000 in the whole world (194 countries) that owns and believes in the ONE Cryptocurrency along with its OneEcosystem.

✔️ Blockchain technology
✔️ Comply with Central Bank regulations
✔️ Traders who accept Cryptocurrency ONE as a payment tool, currently more than 105,000 in e-commerce Dealshaker.


Cryptocurrency, according to the definition of G20, G7, FATF is legally recognized as a financial asset in at least 200 countries where this control body is present.

Depending on the jurisdiction of a country for tax imposition (Income tax on asset returns, VAT)

In this month based on liability, all transactions carried out by Cryptocurrency, both from sellers and buyers (bidders and plaintiffs), must be reported, this is to prevent Money Laundering, terrorist funding and prevention of other misuse.

ONE from the beginning has applied the KYC internal mandatory policy (Get to know your clients)

 Unique Cryptocurrency ONE                                                                                                                                                         ✔️ Price is stable                                                                                                                                                                                     ✔️ There is no Monopoly that affects prices (a term commonly known as Whale / Whale), thus avoiding asset manipulation and volatility)
✔️ Massive financial products, for anyone in the world
✔️ Easy to use through a simple and safe technology system
✔️ Transparent, safe, legal
✔️ The value increases depending on its use as a means of payment when making financial transactions (exchanging goods and services, sending money transfers (money)
✔️ KYC
✔️ The latest generation technology that is scaled up
✔️ If you lose, forget your private key / password, it is possible to restore or restore immediately.
✔️ This is a global payment method
✔️ There are no more banks and financial institutions, that is, there is no usury to save and make transactions.
✔️ These are assets that are not affected by inflation, currency devaluations, these are protected value reserves / hedge funds, which protect inheritance in the case of geopolitics, as well as socio-economic problems.
✔️ Increase the assets of the owner (Client)
✔️ Really increases purchasing power.
✔️ It is possible to radically improve people’s lifestyles by buying a house, car, travel, study, health, their old age savings
✔️ These are assets that allow us to live on profits without losing capital.

This is Financial Intelligence, with a little capital to do many things, so he works for us, so that our assets increase.

* Welcome to the Financial Revolution in the OneLife community, educate yourself in OneAcademy & practice transacting together in e-commerce Dealshaker as an integral part of OneEcosystem. *

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